Starring You

This is your big break. Audition for a role in one of our live theatre productions and be the star you always knew you could be.

What to expect at your audition

The Little Mermaid- Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We are so excited to begin working on this magical production!

Please email by Friday, September 15th to accept your role.

Ariel- Emily Prucha
Prince Eric- Ricky Needham
Ursula- Taylor Carlson
Sebastian- Jake Hayes
Flounder- Rheanna Gellago
Triton- Kyle Bieter
Scuttle- Robby Syruws
Flotsam- Matthew Cullen
Jetsam- Chris Victor
Chef Louie- Bill Curr
Grimsby- Daniel Cassidy
Mersisters/ Ball Contestants / Maids
Aquata- Alexandria Watts
Atina- Meghan Curr
Allana- Callie Bush
Adella- Allyson Quader
Adrina- Haylee Wakefield
Aritsa- Angela Szafran
Sailors/ Sea Life
Zach Gammel
Mike Mack
Spencer Thomas
Jason Mussachio
Seas Life/ Dancers
Tasha Kinney
Zoe Parker
Maddy Long
Sara Hasley
Emily Stoll
Brianna Gelnett
Sophie May
Kelsey Rohde
Allison Guila
Sadie Igoe
Abbey Alex
Kathryn Jocobi
Lizzie Hopkins
Ava Brigham
Casey Nugnet
Meghan Krulisky
Hadley Douglas

Scrooge the Musical- Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We are so excited to begin working on this wonderful production that has become a tradition for so many!

Please email by Friday, September 22nd to accept your role.

Scrooge: Jay Zimmerman
Bob Catchit: Jack Landrigan
Jacob Marley: Robby Syruws
Ghost of Christmas Past: Angela Szafran
Ghost of Christmas Present: Rheanna Gallego
Ghost of Christmas Past: Brian Dick
Tiny Tim: Bill Bernard
Mr. Fezziwig: Bill Curr
Mr. Topper: Jake Hayes
Belle: Meghan Curr
Fred: Joey Porth
Catherine: Sophie May
Mrs. Crachit: Kathy Dewey
Tiny Tim’s Sisters: Sadie Igoe & Tessa Bonanno
Fan: Stephanie Porth
Nicholas Kleinhans, Nathaniel Moran, Kayla Landsman, Olivia Long, Paul La Greca, Kaelynn Matthews, Kacie Matthews, Haiely Fisk, Zoe Dombrowski, Madeline Dombrowski, Francesca Taylor, Emma Parada, Rylee Krayss, Jane Hereth, Mailynn Dick, Tracy Grzebinski, Alaina Grzebinski, Samantha Grzebinski, Mary Curr, Noah Curr, Sarah Haseley, Jan Brauer, Molly Lonigan, Emily Stoll, Nadia Quader, Caitlin Kelley, Cassidy Faddis, Wes Pickreign, Linda Pickreign, Debbie Freeman, Sabastian Winchell, Evelyn Zimmerman.

Comedy of Errors Auditions

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for THE COMEDY OF ERRORS!

Antipholus of Syracuse: Jason Mussachio
Dromio of Syracuse: Emily Stoll
Antipholus of Ephesus: Chris Miller
Dromio of Ephesus: Hilda Myer-Post.
Adriana: Allyson Quadar
Luciana: Jessica Leigh Tokarski
Solinus, Duke of Ephesus: Anthony Giambrone
Egeon: Stephen Smith
Emilia: Heather Dickenson
Angela: Sarah Hill
Balthazar: Dan Cassidy
Courtesan: Madison Sedlor
Luce: Brian Wilson
Pinch: Michael Flanagan
First Merchant: Jeanette Sheliga
Second Merchant: Laurie Bragg