Starring You

This is your big break. Audition for a role in one of our live theatre productions and be the star you always knew you could be.

What to expect at your audition


Join us October 15th from 6pm-8pm to audition for Moon Over Buffalo!
Prior to auditions, please familiarize yourself with Ken Ludwig’s Moon Over Buffalo!
We ask that auditioners have a look at the provided sides for your desired character.
Memorization is not necessary, but is welcomed. Sides will be provided day of. No need to prepare a monologue.

Casting the Following Roles:
George Hay,(Late 40’s-50’s) an actor in the repertoire theatre, strives for success – yet not a classy drunk. Physical comedy and stage combat is a must.
Charlotte Hay, (Late 40’s-50’s) George’s wife and actress in repertoire. Determined and unafraid. Strong comedic timing and stage combat required.
Rosalind (Roz), (mid-to-late 20’s) George & Charlotte’s daughter. Wishes to lead a “normal” life from the theatre. Strong-willed. Requires strong upper-class British accent
Howard, (late 20’s-early 30’s) a jumpy, excitable weatherman on television and Rosalind’s fiancé. Starstruck by Charlotte and George
Paul, (late 20’s-early 30’s) stage manager for repertoire, Rosalind’s ex-fiancé. Requires strong upper-class British accent
Ethel, (late 60’s – 70’s) Charlotte’s elderly mother. Hard of hearing, knows the in’s and out’s of the industry, great comic timing,
Richard, (40’s – 50’s) a successful lawyer who is enamored by Charlotte, and determined to prove himself to her. Charming, clever
Eileen, (early 20’s) an actress in repertoire, has a brief “history” with George which she uses against him. Eager, manipulative.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please email

SEUSSICAL the Musical Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Seussical The Musical!
Please email by September 22nd to accept your role.

Thank you

Cat In The Hat: Robby Syruws
Horton the Elephant: Bill Curr
Gertrude McFuzz: Emily Prucha
Jojo: Rheanna Gallego
Mayzie LaBird: Kelli Pyle
General Gengus Khan Schmidt/ Yurtle The Turtle: Kyle Bieter
Sour Kangaroo: Iris Garcia
Mr. Mayor: Zach Thomas
Mrs. Mayor: Allison Sheilds
Bird Girls: Haylee Wakefield, Morgan Miner, Alex Montesano, Katelyn Jacobs
Wickersham Brothers: Matt Cullen, Steven Ott
Ensemble: Jessica Stroupe, Emily Stoll, Jackson Doran, Gregory Wiesmore, Lizzie Hopkins, Braden Cox, Katie Jacobi, Jeremy Cating.

Scrooge the Musical Cast List

Thank you

Ebenezer Scrooge: Jay Zimmerman
Bob Cratchit: Geoff Koplas
Mrs. Cratchit: Kathy Dewey
Tiny Tim: Quinn Schmidt
Ghost of Christmas Past: Angela Miller
Ghost of Christmas Present: Rheanna Gallego
Ghost of Christmas Future: Brian Dick
Fezziwig: William Curr
Jacob Marley: Robby Syruws
Fred: Anthony Chavers
Catherine: Miranda Schalberg
Fan: Lizzie Hopkins
Belle: Hannah Schubring

Anna Allard
Carissa Clarcq
Emily James
Kayla Landsman
Stephanie Porth
Paris Moffitt
Isabella Albino
Sophie May
Bill Bernard
Josh Pittler
Adam Schnure
Bill Moffitt
Wesley Pickreign
Linda Picking
Emily Stoll
Jan Brauer
Gabriella Giovino
Alexandra Montesano
Mary Curr

Children Ensemble:
Hailey Fisk
Noah Curr
Mailynn Dick
Corliss Bacon
Evelyn Zimmerman
Maggie Quattrini
Rylee Krayss
Alaina Grzebinski
Samanta Grzebinski
Nata Golic
Francesca Taylor
Emma Gillies
Eva Robison

Please email by October 8th to accept your part.