Starring You

This is your big break. Audition for a role in one of our live theatre productions and be the star you always knew you could be.

Young Frankenstein Cast List

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Samuel Fesmire 

Igor: Quinn McGillion 

Inga: Katie Opalinski 

Elizabeth Benning: Taylor Carlson 

The Monster: Brian Wilson 

Frau Blucher: Theresa Werth 

The Hermit: Jon May 

Inspector Hans Kemp: Brian Dick 

Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein: Geoff Koplas 

Ziggy: Jason Mussachio 

Shadow Dancer/ Featured Dancer: Daniel Pieffer 


Tessa Bonanno

Lila Brigham

Daniel Cassidy 

Danielle Cobb 

Maxwell Decker 

Ciara Davie 

Brianna Garcia 

Allison Gueli 

Leah Harper

Gabriella Helm

Ian LaLonde 

Tami Martel

Mariangela Mercurio

**Vocal and Dance features to be assigned once rehearsal begins**

Thank you to everyone who joined us for auditions! Please email by November 26th to accept your role.